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HTMl to Opencart

Opencart is an easy to implement, free to use open source platform which is best suited for medium sized eCommerce web based businesses. Opencart platform gives various features like multi lingual support, various payment gateway modules etc. as free which improves the development of shopping portal fast. HTML design for your online web site can enjoy the features with Opencart. Consequently, in order to execute a completely practical shopping basket for your online stores, a HTML to Opencart conversion is important.

Your shopping portal ready with HTML to Opencart template conversion which will definitely improve your business presence online. For flawless launch of shopping portal, you must take care of basic points before launch. Have a look on the CHICKLIST for,

HTML to Opencart

  1. Use vQmod development

vQmod stands for “virtual file modification system” which helps developers to edit core system files, with this all files will be temporary stored and used at the time of execution and flawless upgradation of the opencart.

  1. Site necessary settings from admin side

Site setting is the most imperative thing you should check. From the web site name, meta title, meta description, stock management, invoice or receipt prefix and encryption key, etc.

  1. Remove all dummy or demo data

Ensure there is no demo information left on your web site like coupons, gift vouchers, banners, products.

  1. Collections and products

Check SEO related attributes for products and categories like URL alias, meta keywords and meta description.

  1. Payment gateways and shipping settings

Check payment and shipping modules work as per your requirement before you launch your web portal. Ensure you officially set it accurately.

  1. Free from errors

Do check your error log file and vQmod logs. Ensure the logs is vacant.

Checklist based on User interface while you convert HTML to Opencart

  1. Responsive design

Web portable must all device friendly for look and feel, so user can navigate smoothly with the web site.

  1. Basic functionality

Check the basic operations like add to cart, adding product to Wishlist, mini cart from header section, search etc. working properly.

  1. SEO friendly URL’s

Check the web URL’s which use URL alias or SEO friendly works legitimately. In the event that you use any third-party SEO extension, ensure its work legitimately and not surprisingly.

  1. Login and Registration

Login and registration process have to be simple and with less fields to fill, so it will not have confused user throughout the procedure.

  1. Checkout page

It is highly recommended the one step checkout page with taking care of your existing user or guest client for payment and shipping choices with ease and fast checkout.

  1. eMail functionality

Test your all features associated with the email operation, similar to mail on enrollment, order placing, contact us page submission, newsletter firings, etc. It is recommended that email have to be mail client friendly.

Indeed, even you as of now check all rundown above on website launch with HTML to Opencart service, it’s a decent practice to periodically recheck your site. You can utilize list above to check your site once or twice a month to ensure your site work appropriately.

HTML to Opencart

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