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Nobody likes popups on a website. But then again, they are everywhere. The natural course of thinking would be that: if audiences do not like popups, and if websites aim to impress the audiences, then why popups are still existent? Haven’t developers working to convert HTML template to Shopify theme taken notice of an obvious nuisance and deploy means to curb them?

What are Popups?

Popups are those pestering boxes of irrelevant information that literally pop up on your screen while you are enjoying a comfortable read on your favorite site. Many developers expert in HTML to Shopify Conversion use it on e-commerce sites to inform of targeted promotions.

A popup, in technical terms, is an aggressive call-to-action. One test showed that popups were able to collect 1375% more emails as opposed to a side-bar opt-in form which people barely even look at. This is why it is popular with HTML to Shopify experts who want to drive a memorable shopping experience.

Types of popups

1. Time-based popups: This is a time-bomb sort of a popup. You need to set a timer on this popup and after that, the popup appears on the device of your user. This is triggered only when a user has been on your site for a certain amount of time.

2. Content-based popups: These popups will only show up when the user reaches a specific content page. Let’s say, for example, you have an electronics site, and then the owner can throw in a popup on the mobile phone page informing the visitor of the latest deals on mobile phones. This popup will not appear anywhere else on the site.

How you get popups to work in your favour?

1. Timing: The success of a popup relies on timing. You can vary when the popup hits your visitor’s device. It could be when the visitor just enters your site or when they enter a specific page on your website. You need to experiment on this frontier and then decide which time slot would not disturb your visitor’s experience.

2. The right message: What can guarantee your pop-up’s success apart from timing is the right message. The adage holds true in case of popups: the right thing at the right time. It has to pique their interests and capture that email.

Collecting emails is not the only achievement of a popup.

Other useful applications of a popup

1. They can be used to answer a question from visitors before they ask it.

2. Aids marketing by suggesting user download or view an eBook or an excerpt for free

3. HTML to Shopify service developers use it introduce amazing discounts and offers

4. To showcase a newly launched product or a line of products to visitors

5. Generating useful data by asking them questions about their habits

If you are working on to convert HTML to Shopify when creating the next e-commerce site, you can look at adding popups without cluttering the layout. When effectively used, they can prove to be of assistance and can help you market your products better and improve audience coverage.

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