Privacy Policy

This our privacy policy page is all about how collect information, use, store and how it is kept private. All services provided by owned and run by "CmsArena Solutions" are comes under this kind of policy. This is our request before enrolling any of our services go through following policy document.

Information collection:

Customer's or web visitor's contact information like e-mail address, name, mailing address, order specific information, source file(s), clients note etc are collected by us. We or 3rd party which is contacted by us might use your information like browser cookies, IP address etc to stay up to date with the number of users visiting to our website by region wise, page wise so it will help us to up grade things on timely basis and minimize fraudulent cases.

Information storage:

Back-up of your project is kept by us till six months from the day of delivery of your project. This back-up is stored exclusively for customer's convenience. You can mail us at regarding to keep back-up or not, also any other things.

Information utilization:

Your information is used by us to achieve desired end result. Information which is collected by us is not shared to any 3rd party to gain profit out of it. Your contact details are used by us in order to carry smooth communication through the order completion process. The files which are provided by you are used only to complete the order, all work which either personal or professional will be kept confidential.

Change or correct personal details:

We allow you to bring up to date personal information as per your need. We take reasonable security steps while update to keep privacy and security. You can mail us at to update any specific information.

NDA - Non disclosure agreement:

We respect your privacy in every sense. We assure that your professional artwork ( design ) and information shared with us will be kept confidential in every sense.

We will take care that your personal information will never reveal to any 3rd party and provides our greatest efforts to not leak this information away. We respect your business and we will never sell or share your intellectual property for our personal gain.